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Bau Truc Pottery Village

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Bau Truc Pottery Village
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Bau Truc Pottery Village

As one of the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia, located along National Highway 1A, the city of Phan Rang 10km south of Bau Truc pottery village. Bau Truc is in Phuoc Dan township , Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province.

Bau Truc has about 400 households, 85% have remained faithful to the pottery. According to legend, pottery by his wife Poklong retransmission deals for women in the ancient village with bare hands, dirty soil that could create masterpieces with such stunning shapes, the impossible is indeed impeccable as jars, bottles or miniature pyramids, look very nice. They used their skillful hands to create the desired product along with rudimentary tools such as bamboo rings, shells that product can still be called a masterpiece. Meanwhile, the other ceramic village has switched to the turntable as an essential tool.

To create a ceramic product, Cham ethnic artists just an anvil (not rotation) and other rudimentary tools along with special clay, taken from the river Quao mixed with sand, then use hands to squeeze out the work of ceramic samples.

Ceramic products are faulty temperature 500-600 for 6 hours, then taken out to spray color (color type are extracted from the left ridge, forest left on the market), then continue baked within 2 hours. So Bau Truc pottery characteristic yellow color of red, pink, black, gray, brown streaks... as unique ceramic products.

Coming to Bau Truc pottery village, visitors will see a separate beauty than the pottery village elsewhere. People here will be happy to guide visitors how to make pottery shaped as desired.